wally andrew baguetteWhen I picked Wally up from the Gare in the center of Montpellier, I was thrilled to see him.  After I kissed him Hello, I kept playfully hitting him.  I think I needed to physically feel him to know that he has actually arrived.  He was tired after a full 12 hour trip, with a flight from the U.S. to Paris followed by a train ride to the south of France.  We immediately headed to get Andrew.

We met Andrew after school.  He was beyond excited that his Daddy had finally come to France to join us.  He knew Wally was eventually coming, but was beginning to loose hope that his Dad would visit.  He did not expect for his Daddy to pick him up from school.

Their reunion was a precious moment for me.  Andrew is a Daddy’s boy.

Andrew just wants to show Wally every place he has visited in France, so that his Dad can experience it.