It was on the trip from Orleans to my hotel just outside of Clermont-Ferrand when things went haywire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was lost for five hours in the dark.

We purchased a new GPS device for the trip from Montpellier to Magny Le Hongre, which is where Disneyland is located.  We didn’t want to get lost and miss an opportunity for Andrew to go to Euro Disneyland.

I, of course, have used a GPS in the past and did not feel the need to read the instruction manual.  MISTAKE.  Actually I am not sure that if I had read the instructions that I would have averted what happened next.

I typed the city of Clermont-Ferrand into the Gps.  Next, I typed in the street name.  When the GPS did not recognize that street name in that city, it arbitrarily chose a different city with a corresponding street.  I had no idea that it changed the city automatically and was guiding me somewhere I did not want to go.

That darn GPS lead me down unpaved roads, through unlit narrow alleys and behind French farmhouses.  the GPS guided me past chickens and sheep and then announced “you have arrived at your destination.”  I looked around and questioned out loud “My Destination????  I didn’t ask to come here.”  I feared running out of gas and being forced to spend the night in the car only to have a French farmer knock on my car window in the morning yelling at me in french– or worst calling the authorities to question the foreigner that was trespassing on his land.

At the time, I still had not realized what the GPS was doing, so I reprogrammed it.  The device did the same thing only choosing another arbitrary village to lead me to. It was like ground-hog day.  I relived the experience again in this new village in the middle of the night — awaking sleeping farm animals as I sped past.

It was 2:30 am before I finally arrived at my hotel.  The staff had gone home and I was weary.