Outdoor open markets are a staple in many French towns.  When Andrew was in France with me we went weekly to the Sunday market in Lattes, France.

Now I travel nearly daily to visit markets around the Languedoc-Rousillon region here in the South of France.  I not only go to the market, but I usually spend some time in the town.  Sometimes I will have a meal, walk along the main center or have a cup of tea.  I spend my mornings visiting then head to my computer to begin writing.

I visited the market and sites in Castries, France

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Following the market I headed up a hill to the church.


Also there is a castle in Castries.  I was excited to visit but then one of local residents told me that the castle has been closed for the past 15 years and you can only visit the gardens in the spring and summer.  She also informed me that the castle is for sale.  Anyone in the market for a castle?

Here are a few photos from the neighborhoods of Castries.

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