Andrew with one of his candy covered cakes

He woke up so excited on his birthday.  He was singing “I’m 5, I’m 5 today.”  He was thrilled to talk to his Daddy.  When we Skyped Wally that morning, Wally was wearing a birthday hat.  —–the things we do for our kids…..

Rowena, one of my new friends here in France was so sweet.  She brought Andrew a stuffed animal from Australia.  Andrew was delighted to take it to school with him so that he can have it at nap time.  His classmates sleep with their favorite stuffed animals and they are called Dodos.  Yep just like it sounds Do Do .  She also gave him a sweet treat.  It’s hard to describe but it tastes like our Pixy Sticks.

Andrew eating his treat in the back seat of Rowena’s car