There is a place in Montpellier that is called Odysseum.  It is a entertainment megaplex.  It is anchored by a planetarium, cineplex, outdoor two story mall, giant market and aquarium.

Today Andrew and I went to the Mare Nostrum aquarium and it was truly an amazing place.

This place was so excited and well conceived.  Most of the time all I could see of my son were the soles of shoes as he ran off to the next area to explore.  This place is awesome.  There’s a enormous tank filled with sharks and fish I have never seen before.  There is also a recreated fishing boat, which gives you a virtual ride.  There’s a submarine exhibit and a sub sahara tropical room.  This aquarium rivals any that I have seen in the world.  Andrew had a ball at this place.  Check out our photos:

Andrew at the helm of the simulated Fishing boat