When we were unable to fly to France on our original flight, we missed our connecting train that would take us from Paris to Montpellier.  My husband needed to make last minute new train arrangements.  He also had the task of coordinating a pick up plan with my French landlord (a woman we had only met through email).  My husband had no way of contacting me to tell me what plans had been made.  I had yet to purchase a French cell phone and I did not have time to go on-line to check any e-mails that he sent me.

I had to “wing” it.  I was able to find our train and board with no incidents– except trying to figure out the TGV seating chart.

My larger challenge was to find a woman that I had never physically met in a sea of people at a large and busy train terminal.  I reasoned that it would be easier for her to find us, after all she knew I was a woman and I would be traveling with a small boy.  We arrived at the Montpellier Gare (train station) and I have never seen so many solo women with small boys.  It was almost  comical.  One thing I have learned in the 50 + years that I have been on this earth, is that very little gets resolved when you panic.  So I did what I am trained to do.  I stopped and breathed and I asked God to help me identify the woman.  Within a minute or two a woman appeared and I knew instantly that it was her.  I calmly walked up to her and asked her in English if she was Madame Margot and she said yes – she was shocked that we found each other because I never received her e-mail message as to our meeting point.  My universe loves to answer me.  Yours does too!