On one of my maiden voyages to my son’s school in one of southern France’s major cities, we were sitting on a tram next to each other.  There were plenty of other seats scattered around the tram coach.  We were sitting in a  four seater.  There was a woman seated across from my son and I and there was one empty seat.  An elderly woman boarded the tram and headed straight toward us.  She took her hand and nudged my hip silently instructing me to move over and share the seat with my son so she could sit in my seat.  I looked at her and in a moment did as I was instructed and then I thought about it.  Take one of the damn available seats lady I thought (in English).  Then I questioned my self.  Maybe this was something that was common on public French transit until I looked at the face of the woman sitting across from me.  Without speaking the language I could tell even she was appalled.

We spend alot of time on buses and trams.  We certainly are getting to know our fellow commuters.

Andrew at the station waiting for the next Tram ask he eats his ice cream cone.  There's more ice cream on his hoodie than in his mouth.Our son on the tram.  He's a real commuter as he "reads" a French morning newspaper.  This is so funny because we are still trying to teach him to read in English.