On the trip to the South of France we incurred a small problem.  My dear friend Kim was able to buy discount airline tickets.  They were stand-by tickets.  Normally when I am traveling with my child I would prefer reliable guaranteed travel itinerary, however we were saving $1000 with these tickets.  Kim always books us on flights that have plenty of room to avoid the chance of us being bumped —- but somehow this flight to France was overbooked.  My son and I were sitting on the plane when a ticket agent boarded and removed us, because three other customers’ who’s flight connection was delayed showed up.  My son screamed and cried all the way through the terminal.  He didn’t understand the process or the risks you take with stand by airline tickets.  In his mind our trip was cancelled and we would never be able to go to France.

The ticket agent, who I thought was a cold, relentless “I’m just doing my job” kind of person, never even gave my son a second look – as he pitifully cried down the ramp to the terminal.  Little did I know that my son was breaking the agent’s heart.
The following day when we arrived hoping for a chance to fly out, the same man was serving as the agent for our flight.  I was dreading even dealing with him again.  The gate was filled with people headed to France.  But to my surprise we were able to board the plane and we had really good seats.  The agent would later tell my friend Kim that my little boy broke his heart and that he was behind getting us such great seats.  Turns out that he had actually saved us two great seats on the previous flight that day hoping that we would come to the airport for an earlier flight.