My husband was willing to let me have this little adventure, but if I was going to take his son along with me he insisted that I connect with some American’s in France immediately.  He reasoned that since I did not know much French, I would need help with getting accustomed to the country and it’s customs.

I willingly followed his directive and contacted the American Womens Group.  It’s one of the best things I have done.  In my first week I attended one of their functions.  A group of us when to an art museum in Montpellier, followed by lunch.

These women are amazing and have taken me under their collective wings, insuring that I have what I need to survive here.  I think the fact that I came here solo with a small child has them thinking I am either really brave or a lunatic who needs assistance.  Here’s a photo of us at lunch.  Shout out to Rowena and Sonja who connect with  me almost daily through calls, emails, shopping trips and coffee (tea for me) breaks.  Rowena and Sonja are pictured to my right in the above photo.