When I planned this trip to the South of France I knew our son would come with me. Much of the planning as to where we would live in the country centered around his education.  We wanted a bi lingual school for him.  I knew that I was taking him away from his home, away from his country, away from his beloved Daddy and away from everyone else he knew.  He was Mommy’s brave little boy who was going to go on an adventure with her .  I did not feel comfortable placing him in a 100% French language school.  He needed to hear English spoken during his school day as well.  We, with help from my friend Genevieve –who speaks fluent French, chose a small school in a rather large French city.  The curriculum is based on French studies in the morning and afternoon activities are in English.  Hopefully we made the right choice.  Here’s my little one at school with French teacher.

Andrew with Mme Isabelle